Go beyond spreadsheets and dashboards.
Unburden your data specialists.
Have a conversation with your data.

At tag.bio we’ve built a dataset hypervisor that virtualizes any data source into a deep analytics and machine learning API.

It’s fast, secure, scalable, lightweight, transparent, highly customizable, HIPAA compliant and GDPR compliant.

Our tag.cortex platform quickly automates the analytics workflows you do right now, and puts you ahead of the game with turnkey cohort analysis, segmentation, and machine learning.

Tag.cortex enables anyone in an organization to ask complex questions of data in their own industry language, without coding or training.

Every deployment of our platform is tailored with analysis modules called “protocols” which enable industry-native user experiences.

It feels like custom-built software, with no maintenance, deployed in a fraction of the time, costing a fraction of the resources.

Industry solutions

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Doctors at a leading US hospital are using tag.cortex to explore patient care, costs, and outcomes.

Our secure platform was established on their data 4x faster than any other solution at one-fifth of the cost.

Data questions that used to take weeks now take only seconds to answer. This allows the doctors to answer questions in real-time during meetings.

Life Sciences

Biologists at a major pharmaceutical have tag.cortex deployed on an omics+phenotype dataset.

Our platform automates analyses that typically require hands-on support from bioinformatics staff, enabling the biologists to identify robust biomarkers faster than the time it takes to send an email.

Bioinformatics staff now have the freedom to work on more complex research challenges.

How to use tag.bio


Full-stack solution enabling advanced, native, reproducible and collaborative data research by anyone

tag.cortex API

Power your own end-user application with deep analytics and deploy predictive models with a lightweight API

tag.data SDK

Virtualize your data – connect, transform and integrate any data source into the tag.cortex platform

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