Go beyond spreadsheets and dashboards.
Find deep insights in your data.

At tag.bio we’ve built a dataset hypervisor that transforms any data source into a deep analytics and machine learning API.

It’s fast, secure, scalable, lightweight, transparent, highly customizable and GDPR compliant. Our tag.cortex platform automates the analytics workflows you perform right now, and puts you ahead of the game with data research and machine learning.

Use our full-stack software to extract value from your data via point-and-click, or use our half-stack API to integrate deep analytics into your own applications.

Industry solutions


Player performance
Opponent scouting
Talent acquisition
Fan experience
Media analytics


Patient outcomes
Cost analysis
Precision medicine
Drug discovery
Clinical research

AdTech and CRM

Website behavior
Promotion lift


Portfolio analytics
Investment trends
Risk analysis
Consumer behavior

How to use tag.bio


Full-stack, turnkey solution that automates data research workflows and supports reproducible, collaborative discovery

tag.cortex API

Build out a suite of deep analytics and/or machine learning modules to power your own front-end

tag.data SDK

Connect, transform and merge data sources (CSV, SQL, Spark) into the tag.cortex platform

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