Go beyond dashboards.
Find deep insights in your data.

tag.cortex is the first and only deep analytics platform that makes getting answers from your data easy and fast.

With its API-first and SDK-first architecture, tag.cortex seamlessly integrates with your existing technology stack to enable anyone in your organization to find insights in data.

Data science used to be slow and expensive

We’ve changed that. Our platform allows deep questions to be asked and answered in minutes, not months. Unburden your data science team. Leverage your entire workforce or user base to discover high-value insights with tag.cortex.

Current Applications


Team performance
Player health
Opponent scouting
Talent acquisition
Know your fans


Patient outcomes
Cost overrun
Care paths
Room occupancy
Precision medicine


Website behavior


Portfolio analytis
VC behavior
Investment trends
Analyst accuracy
Reported metrics

tag.cortex is industry-agnostic. Drop us a line to see how quickly deep analytics can drive innovation from your data.

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Point and click to answer questions and share insights

tag.cortex API

Build out a suite of deep analytics modules to power your own front-end

tag.data SDK

Connect, transform and merge data sources into tag.cortex

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