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AWS Tech Talk For NIH:
An Introduction To Tag.bio

Learn how major Pharma companies and university health systems improve value-based care, drive the future of precision medicine, and promote collaboration (without explicitly moving data around).

How Users Benefit from Tag.bio

Researchers & Physicians

Domain experts parameterize, iterate and reproduce analyses on the fly with no waiting.

Reduce the cost of curiosity

Data Scientists

Data scientists build analysis apps that guide a wide range of users through any data question.

Complete the last mile


Change the culture by giving domain experts agency over data and analyses.

Become a data-driven organization

Tag.bio for life sciences

Life Sciences

Analyze public and proprietary data and run iterative queries across multi-modal omics.


Iterative analysis allows faster discoveries

In the course of one evening in 2019, Dr. Radovich found three significant results from his own dataset in Thymoma (TCGA).

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Milan Radovich, PhD,

Assoc. Prof. IU School of Medicine,

IU Health Vice President for Oncology Genomics,

Co-Director IUH Precision Genomics

ORIEN Network Scientific Committee Co-Chair

Tag.bio for healthcare


Improve quality of care and reduce costs by making sense of the complex data in the healthcare systems.


Enabling doctors to provide instant answers

“Having on demand information completely changes the culture. I can’t imagine doing my job without the Tag.bio platform.”

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Jahan Fahimi, MD, PhD,

Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine,

Director of Value Improvement at UCSF Health

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