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Producing a high-impact discovery in healthcare and life sciences comes from connecting the right person with the right information, and allowing them to ask iterative questions until they find their breakthrough. Systems which increase the capabilities and speed of human experts will have the biggest impact on the success and pace of translational research, drug discovery, and precision medicine. has developed a software platform that enables doctors and scientists to perform complex, robust, reproducible data analyses in seconds – rather than waiting weeks to months for a data scientist or bioinformatician to do it for them. Conceived by a former computational biologist at the UCSF Cancer Center, the platform empowers organizations with proven, best-practices techniques in data science, machine learning, and AI—all delivered via user-friendly apps.

Answering big questions is what drives you to transform the world. An industry. A life.

Protocol apps
make complex
analysis easy.

The platform is designed for compatibility with diverse biomedical data sources and to give doctors and scientists flexibility to run real-time, iterative queries and analyses at incredible speed & scale.

In particular, the configurable, plug-and-play modularity inherent to the platform facilitates complete transparency, robustness and reproducibility of data analysis, and gives end users an on-rails experience with a set of flexible options that all “do the right thing” from a data scientist’s perspective.

Technically, the platform takes a single dataset, a combination of disparate datasets, or a data warehouse and deploys as an analytics API securely on-premise or in the cloud. Analysis apps called “protocols” are then easily plugged in from our app repository, or quickly and precisely developed to answer a wide range of question types in biomedical research and healthcare.

The result: a set of lightning fast, API-driven, point-and-click protocol apps that gives you the exact capabilities you need to perform accurate, reproducible data research within your established data infrastructure.

Examples of in action:

  • Immuno-Oncology research at a major pharmaceutical.
  • Patient outcome and cost analytics at a world-leading hospital system.
  • Advanced analysis of TCGA in collaboration with academic research partners.
  • Turnkey integration on top of the cBioPortal data warehouse.

What Drives Us

We are data scientists, computational biologists, software architects, change-agents. was founded on the belief that innovation is a function of human curiosity. This manifests in a desire to ask questions of data, and the greater the number of questions that can be answered, the greater the chances of making the next fundamental breakthrough.
Our mission is to make it easier and faster for anyone to find answers in data. is a venture-backed alumnus of Alchemist Accelerator. Our investment partners are Merus Capital and Newfund.

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