Go from Questions to Answers in Seconds

When you have billions of rows of data and not enough analysts to analyze them, Tag.bio is the solution.

How Tag.bio’s Platform is Different

Question-to-answer analysis



Simple, guided apps to ask series of questions that follow a line of thought without waiting on specialists to create dashboards.

Reproducible & shareable analysis


static analysis

Re-run and share your analyses instantly from the auto-saved analysis history without spending hours trying to figure out how you ran the previous analyses.

data model



We take analysis-ready data and put a copy of the data into our containerized, autonomous, analysis software without altering the underlying data.

by dataset


by users

We provide data product to unlimited users to run unlimited analyses. Other companies are priced by user and seat-based licensing doesn’t democratize data.

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A Modern Approach to a Better
Data Experience

How you can use a decentralized data mesh to integrate multimodal life sciences data

Questions are the Currency of Innovation

A one-stop-shop platform providing users and data scientists the autonomy to amplify business success.


Ask endless amount of questions and run analysis 1000 times faster than you currently do.


Get 95% of your time back to ask more questions and collaborate on the next discoveries.


Get priceless value from your data by uncovering what you don’t know.

Benefits of Using Tag.bio

Dataset hypervisor:
cutting edge data solutions

Enabling you to move fast and iterate quickly

User experience

Takes you from your data → your question → your answer.


Deploy in days, run in seconds.


Containerized, federated architecture delivers modular value from day one instead of months to years.


Re-run your analyses instantly from the autosaved analysis history.

Access anywhere

Run analyses on your mobile or desktop.

Platform-wide services

Understand everything that’s happening in your environment

Monitor usage

Know the exact value produced by data research projects with integrated ROI calculators.


Make data understandable by adding description to any dataset.

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