It’s time to experience your data on your terms provides a complete data experience that integrates all aspects of user’s interactions with the data.

Data Portal

A data portal is a centralized, collaborative hub that enables domain experts to confidently run analyses on multiple data nodes. The results are saved as useful data artifacts (UDATs) that can be shared and reproduced with a single click.

Data Mesh Architecture

A data mesh architecture is the foundation of data experience. The mesh is a network of interconnected data nodes. Each data node ties a data source, algorithms and a smart API together into an independently deployable, containerized analysis server. The modularity promotes agility and scalability, allowing users to get value from day one.

Smart APIs

Each data node has a smart API. The API allows standardized communication in two ways: between one dataset and another, and between a dataset and its analysis apps. This portable node allows you to access your data anywhere and run your analyses on any client.

Get Value from Day One

Go from data to answers within 24 hours. Select the data you want, map it into the data node within hours, and deploy the node to the analysis site within minutes. Once the node is visible in the site, domain experts can start using the analysis apps to ask and answer their own questions instantly.

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