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Accelerate time to value with domain-driven design solutions that can adapt to any use case and business need. organization ecosystem

Where fits is a platform for rapid development of domain-specific data products.

The data products are represented as data products. These data products form a data mesh and can then be accessed through the analysis platform.

Domain experts, such as researchers and physicians can access the data products from the analysis platform to analyze data using no-code point-and-click analysis apps.

Technology summary is composed of multiple, modular components which can be used as a comprehensive enterprise data application and analysis solution, or as useful individual components. is designed to be compatible with and augment your existing data infrastructure and analytics tool set.

For example, data products can be deployed on top of existing data lakes and warehouses into which you’ve already invested significant time and money.

Alternatively, data products and the data mesh can provide a scalable, robust application layer to support your existing visualization and data analysis processes (dashboards, notebooks). data to analysis process
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