Turn data science into software with smart APIs

Tag.bio’s smart API takes all of the functionality unique to a particular data product and makes it easily accessible to other data products, and to the domain expert through guided analysis apps.

Tag.bio data product - smart api

What Makes Tag.bio’s API Smart

Tag.bio’s API is designed for communication across data products and applications using a universal communication schema. It combines datasets, algorithms, R / Python scripts, and analysis workflows unique to a data product into a straightforward API call.

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Tag.bio data product - smart api

Communication across data products

It’s easy to spin up a new data product, and the smart API ensures that it will be interoperable and communicative. When all of your products can communicate with understandable inputs and outputs, your data becomes FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable) and most importantly – useful – for data scientists, engineers, and domain experts.

Render your models as analysis apps

With all your algorithms and data in one clean, smart API, you can deploy your work to a user interface, in the form of analysis apps, which your domain experts can access and use. The analysis apps embedded in the smart API provide your users with guided steps to help them ask highly specific questions of the data and confidently find useful data artifacts (UDATs) on their own.

Tag.bio’s smart API ensures that while data products can be independently developed with vastly different functionality, all data products can make their functionality instantly accessible to end users.

Tag.bio data product - smart api

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Future proofing across domains

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Data Scientists & Bioinformaticians

Build and deploy once, reuse everywhere. Consistently and continuously deliver the functionalities of your work to benefit your team.

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Maintaining and growing your data mesh architecture gets easier in two ways: each data product can be updated independently, and each new data product with new data type can be accessed by the same universal communication schema.

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Future proof your organization’s infrastructure by eliminating the reconfiguration needed when new data sources are added and data types emerged.

Scale With Technical Wealth

Tag.bio’s smart API is designed for scalability from the onset to accommodate the ever-evolving demands and keep up with the fast pace of innovation.

Tag.bio - continuous delivery

Continuous Delivery

Tag.bio’s containerized, automated, secure deployment of data products means fewer components for you to implement and maintain. In addition, Tag.bio’s decentralized data mesh enables a truly agile delivery schedule where end user feedback can be integrated and made actionable within an hour.

Tag.bio - reduce technical debt

Reduce Technical Debt

Developing and expanding functionality within each data product is simply a matter of combining templated JSON elements. This allows you to transfer useful collateral from one project to another and to simplify each projects’ code base.

Tag.bio - leverage knowledge

Leverage Existing Knowledge

Reuse your code and spend less time on reinventing the wheel. Build upon existing knowledge to accumulate technical wealth that others can learn from and reuse.

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