A collaborative data analysis platform for doctors and researchers

As a domain expert, you can directly ask and answer your own questions. Publish your investigation and its results by sharing replayable analyses with your colleagues.

All data, both private and public, is accessible through a single platform

The Data Portal is a simple and secure way for you to access the data you need.

Confidently run your own analyses

Find your own path through data by running and re-parameterizing analysis apps to ask a huge range of questions.

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Why this matters:

Having the freedom to investigate your data allows you to identify the most meaningful questions for your data scientists.

Reproducible analysis for complete transparency

As all of your analyses are automatically saved, you and your peers can recreate any step within your investigation.

Why this matters:
  • You can go back and use your previous analyses as branch points to a new set of questions
  • When your data updates, you can automatically re-run your saved analysis with one click and compare new versus old results

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Create, store, and collaborate on useful data artifacts (UDATs)

What are useful data artifacts (UDATs):

UDATs are the results of your analysis activities, such as analysis results, cohorts, variable groups, and gene lists representing signatures and pathways.

Why this matters:
  • Discover patterns in your data and capture them as UDATs
  • You have the ability to apply UDATs across other datasets

Sharing and collaboration:

Since all your UDATs are automatically saved, you can share them with anyone on your team.

Why this matters:

You can create, confirm, and send your findings to your team for instant collaboration.

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