Demonstrate the value of your data science

Show your impact on business outcomes by allowing your doctors and researchers to use your work. for data scientist, for bioinformaticians, for analysts, for decision support

Publish your scripts (R, Python, and Machine Learning) as reusable analysis apps

The work you’ve done can be reused by a wide range of individuals and teams, magnifying your impact throughout your organization. - publish R and Python code

Promote Transparency in the Data Analysis Process

See how we reproduced an elastic net machine learning model from a research paper. Learn how we integrated python-based machine learning algorithm into the platform. View our surprising findings.

Leave the dev-ops work behind

Leverage the enterprise orchestration features of the platform to take care of critical functions, such as:

  • Dependency management
  • Containerized deployment
  • Security and data governance
Why this matters:

Focus on what you do best without distraction and complexity.

See Data Science Delivery - dev ops - ROI, - usage tracking

Track your impact within your organization

Monitor how your code is being used as apps:

  • Frequency of use
  • Number of users benefited
Why this matters:

Quantitative evidence that demonstrates your impact on business outcomes.

Let’s get the conversation started

From a 30-minute demo to an inquiry about our 4-week pilot project, we are here to answer all of your questions!