Move faster by leveraging enterprise features

Flexible integration with your business workflows so you can securely innovate and scale with existing and emerging data types. enterprise features enterprise features - security and sso

Security & SSO

Run within your secured network environment. Utilize Single Sign On (SSO) to manage and streamline user access. enterprise features - data governance

Data governance

Control access to datasets, data types and analysis apps. This way, your organization can appropriately manage users’ permissions and access. enterprise features - Retain institutional knowledge

Retain institutional knowledge

All of your useful data artifacts (UDATs), such as cohorts and analysis results, are automatically saved in your history. This enables your team to reproduce share and transfer discoveries. enterprise features - usage tracking

Usage tracking

Create the optimal set of data products by understanding what is used and not used within your organization. Establish a value-driven suite of data products by understanding usage patterns within your organization. enterprise features - convenient access from multiple devices

Convenient access

The web-based analysis platform allows you to access your secured environment conveniently from any device (mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop). enterprise features - secure deployment

Scalable data mesh deployment

Build a data mesh from modular, containerized data products. It can be geographically distributed, and individual data products can be added, modified, or removed with impacting any other data products.

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