A web-based data portal to coordinate your data, questions, and collaboration

Bring in the data you need. Turn questions into point-and-click analysis apps. Accelerate your workflow with a replayable history and shareable, useful data artifacts (UDATs).

A Data Portal Is Where Data Become Actionable

Modular data nodes

A data node is a combination of a dataset, algorithms, and analysis apps. This modular node is containerized so that it can be deployed anywhere. Pick and choose any dataset, make it available in the portal, then run, save and share analyses.

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Data-specific analysis apps

Each node has analysis apps tailored to its dataset. These specific apps are structured to guide you through your questions and give you confidence in the answers that you receive.

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Point-and-click to set parameters

Refine your answers simply by point-and-click to re-parameterize your questions. This allows you to ask and answer your own questions on your own terms.


UDATs (useful data artifacts) are digital objects created and automatically saved when you or an algorithm do something with the data, such as a gene signature or a defined patient cohort. UDATs are most useful if you can share them with your team.


The goal of any analysis is to enable data-driven action. The best decisions and actions benefit from the inputs of your team. Having all the elements of your investigative workflow saved as a shareable, replayable history, allows you and your team to exchange data and drive innovation.

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A Clinical Data Mesh for Quality Improvement and Research in Healthcare

In this UCSD Campus LISA webinar, you will learn how you can utilize data mesh for healthcare. Panelists include: Mike Hogarth, Mark Mooney, and Tom Covington.

How to Run an Analysis

Running an analysis in Tag.bio is as simple as choosing a dataset, selecting an analysis app, setting the parameters, and hitting “run”.

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How Users Collaborate

With all actions and UDATs automatically saved in a central hub, users can easily share their analyses and discoveries with a single click of a button.

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Explore Your Data Freely

These features are designed to help you easily uncover the root causes, share your UDATs, and expand on your team’s discovery.

Find a data node

Scroll or search to find the data you’re interested in.

Pick an analysis app

Scroll or search for an analysis app to build your question.

Build cohorts

Build groups, use them once or save them to act as a starting point for other analyses.

Select parameters

Specify your parameters and algorithms by pointing and clicking.


Accelerate your discovery by sharing your workflow with anyone on your team.

Analysis history

Find and reproduce any action that you’ve taken within the portal (i.e. defined cohorts, recorded analyses, and saved UDATs).

Run follow-up analysis

Use something of interest from the analysis results to pre-populated the parameters of a follow-on question.

Entity annotation

Describe an entity by pulling in information from another data node. For a gene, pull in descriptive information that describes its function. For a variant, pull information that describes its effect on the gene function.

Leave notes

Leave helpful notes to help your future self quickly recognize the significance of your past findings.

Export analysis results

Your analysis results can be exported in csv or pdf format.

Add results to your favorites

Identify your analysis results in your favorites so that you can easily find them later.

Rename your analysis title

Give your analysis a meaningful title to help your future self quickly recognize the significance of your past findings.

“I feel like a data superhero!”

– Michelle Mourad, MD,
Vice Chair of Clinical Affairs and Value, Department of Medicine,
Medical Director, Transitions in Care, UCSF Health

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