A web-based analysis platform to use your data products

Promote a data-driven culture — securely streamline on-demand access to data and faster analysis. Store and share your useful data artifacts (UDATs) from one platform.

Tag.bio analysis platform

A single platform for data management and analysis

Tag.bio analysis platform, Tag.bio data platform
Tag.bio analysis platform - analysis apps
Tag.bio analysis platform - dynamic parameter selection
Tag.bio analysis platform - analysis history
Tag.bio analysis platform - collaboration, Tag.bio analysis platform - sharing analysis

Accessible, reusable data products

  • Turn data sources, data files, and metadata into accessible data products
  • Manage multiple data products in one platform. Reduce data inconsistency and duplications.
  • Integrate public data with proprietary data
  • As new data arises, you can rapidly develop and use new data products
  • Data products are updated on your preferred schedule, keeping your data and analyses current, versioned and reproducible
  • Each data product comes with analysis apps which are tailored to that dataset

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On-demand analysis apps

  • Gain autonomy over your data analysis process within a guided environment
  • Confidently ask and answer your own questions by running, iterating, and re-running analyses in your own terms
  • Perform simple and advanced statistical analysis without learning to code
  • Use and reuse R & Python scripts created by your data scientists as analysis apps

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Parameterize without coding

  • Design a cohort dynamically – observe the changes in your cohort size with every selection
  • Analyze your cohorts using point-and-click parameter selection
  • Use the search function to easily find your parameter of interest from large collections
  • Instantly iterate on analysis by modifying your previous set of parameters to generate a new set of results

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Accessible useful data artifacts (UDATs)

  • UDATs are digital objects create when you or an algorithm analyze the data
  • Examples of UDATs are cohorts, analysis results, and groups of variables that represent gene signatures or risk scores
  • UDATs are automatically saved with provenance, making them easy to reproduce and use in subsequent analyses

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  • Re-run analyses from UDATs and share them with anyone on your team
  • Sharing reduces redundant work
  • UDATs support data-driven decisions, maximizing productivity and efficiency
  • The transparent and executable history facilitates retention of institutional knowledge

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Analysis Examples

Tag.bio analysis - r integration

R Integration

Tag.bio analysis - python integration

Python Integration

Tag.bio analysis - umap and clustering

UMAP & Clustering

Tag.bio analysis - cox survival, Tag.bio analysis - survival analysis

Cox Survival

Tag.bio analysis - pathway analysis

Pathway Analysis

Tag.bio analysis - descriptive statistics

Descriptive Statistics

Tag.bio - campus lisa webinar

Data Driven Transformation For Pharma

Bring new treatments to market faster. Significantly improve success rates by closing the data question-to-answer loop, from basic discovery to clinical trials to real world evidence.

How to Run an Analysis

Running an analysis in Tag.bio is as simple as choosing a data product, selecting an analysis app, setting the parameters, and hitting “run”.

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Tag.bio - how to run an analysis

“I feel like a data superhero!”

– Michelle Mourad, MD,
Vice Chair of Clinical Affairs and Value, Department of Medicine,
Medical Director, Transitions in Care, UCSF Health

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