Gene Annotation

This data product deploys gene annotation information from NCBI. It is used to provide gene annotations in other data products.

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This data product is used to service other data products.

For example, you may be running an analysis from Data Product 1 and you may want to run a pathway analysis on your selected genes. This data product will serve that function without you needing to leave Data Product 1.

The important aspect worth noting is that the gene/pathway/variant information in the service data product doesn’t need to be added to every other data product and updated in a timely manner. 

  • The industry standard right now is not efficient — people have to integrate gene metadata into each omics dataset. Not only does it create extra work and redundancy across data products, the gene metadata also gets old and outdated.
  • By building a separate data product that acts as a service, you can streamline the reference information for easy access and updates.
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