Learn how’s data experience can help your domain experts and data scientists amplify your business success.

Free Guide: Data Harmonization For Translational Research

A practical guide to help you resolve data challenges using the data mesh approach. Healthcare Partner Showcase

Learn how healthcare organizations set up COVID-19 registries for research and financial recovery.

A Clinical Data Mesh for Quality Improvement and Research in Healthcare

In this Campus LISA webinar, you will learn how you can utilize data mesh for healthcare. Panelists include: Mike Hogarth, Mark Mooney, and Tom Covington.

Creating a COVID-19 registry in 28 days

Learn how's data mesh and data portal enable researchers to use self-service analysis apps to investigate COVID-19 patient data from UCSD specific and UC-wide data sets.
Promote transparency in the data analysis process

Promote transparency in the data analysis process

Gain visibility into peer-reviewed work. Demonstrate integration of python-based machine learning algorithm into the platform.

Enabling doctors to provide instant answers

“Having on demand information completely changes the culture. I can’t imagine doing my job without the platform.”

Iterative analysis allows faster discoveries

In the course of one evening in 2019, Dr. Radovich found three significant results from his own dataset in Thymoma (TCGA).

Transform your data experience

Learn how’s data analysis portal will transform your data experience. The talk was given by our VP of Customer, Mark Mooney, at NextGen Omics virtual conference 2020.

A modern approach to a better data experience

Learn how you can use a decentralized data mesh to integrate multimodal life sciences data

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