Sophisticated, yet simple to use


Automate your existing informatics and reporting workflow into a secure, flexible point-and-click solution.


Build out a predictive analytics pipeline to enable real-time diagnostic or response-prediction platform.

Complexity with comfort

Save & Repeat

Save insights as reports - share them, or repeat any analysis in a single click.


Work 10x faster than in SQL, SAS, R or Python, and scale your data far beyond the capacity for Excel.

Analysis modules:

Tailored questions for each user are shareable as apps. integrates all of your data to give you the whole picture.

Bespoke instructions and analysis with nearby explanation.

Tailored process to fit your needs.

Your data changes your questions adapt.

Ever increasing library of visualizations.

We offer a platform that helps you repeatedly ask questions, until you find and innovative answer.

Atomic findings ranked in order of statistical relevance.

Understandable dynamic text explains each result.

Iterative investigation to reach your final answer. is three sided abstraction of data, questions and algorithms.

The architecture itself drives the agility of the product.

Technical debt is easily removed and avoided.

System is designed to enable rapid customization.

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