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Discover and save signatures from many aspects of omics (expression, mutation, methylation, and others). Use these signals to reveal patterns across public and proprietary data. icon - oncology

Oncology & Immuno-Oncology

Use public oncology datasets to assess omics across cancers and immune subtype. Compare single-cell to bulk tissue results to mine data at tissue and cellular levels of resolution. icon - biomarker discovery

Biomarker Discovery

Use cohort comparison tools to reveal differential markers in tumor vs. normal, responder vs. non responder. Make differential gene expression lists with a single click. icon - diagnostic


Integrate data from multiplex diagnostics into a single report. Review and analyze data from your testing population for correlations or trends. icon - translational medcine

Translational Medicine

Build quantitative evidence that accurately identifies promising early research and validate discoveries so that you can confidently move into clinical care. icon - precision medicine

Precision Medicine

Zoom in and out to get a 360 degree view of an individual’s health information, from genomics details to complex health conditions, to prescribe personalized treatments.

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Data Harmonization for Translational Research

A practical guide to help you resolve clinical trial data challenges using the data mesh approach.

Promote transparency in the data analysis process

Promote transparency in the data analysis process

Gain visibility into peer-reviewed work. Demonstrate integration of python-based machine learning algorithm into the platform.

Iterative analysis allows faster discoveries

In the course of one evening in 2019, Dr. Radovich found three significant results from his own dataset in Thymoma (TCGA).

Analysis Apps

Below are examples of analysis apps used in life sciences. New apps can be built and deployed in under an hour to provide analysis capabilities unique to your data.

Gene Expression Signatures

In this demo, we’re going to show you how to view the level of expression of a gene signature across cancer types using a no-code analysis app.

Single Cell Gene Expression

In this demo, we’re going to show you how you can use a no-code analysis app to look for genes that are differentially expressed in cancer cells.

Analysis examples analysis - r integration

R Integration analysis - python integration

Python Integration analysis - umap and clustering

UMAP & Clustering analysis - cox survival, analysis - survival analysis

Cox Survival analysis - pathway analysis

Pathway Analysis analysis - cohort comparison

Cohort Comparison

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“There is no piece of software that does what you do. If there was we would be using it.”

– Data Science Department Director
@Top 5 Global Pharmaceuticals Company

Specialized Analytics for Everyone

Staff at all levels can confidently make data driven decisions using guided, investigation-driven analysis apps tailored to their area of expertise.

Information and Innovation Officers

Consolidate tools, maximize ROI and keep your organization on the cutting edge by providing your scientists a powerful tool that allows them to be 1000x times more efficient.

Researchers and Domain Experts

Speed up drug discovery with the ability to run reproducible and configurable analysis on the fly. Contextualize your data better with gene, variant and pathway annotation and compare your findings to public datasets. Utilize public data to validate your results.

Data Scientists and Bioinformaticians

Keep up with research questions by building point-and-click analysis apps that empower your researchers to run analyses on their own and enable them to reproduce and share their analyses with the team.

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