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Data Applications

Gene Signature




Precision Medicine

Emerging Data Types. Agile Integration. Reproducible Processes. platform is designed to rapidly incorporate new data and algorithms and specialize in the ability to evolve with you.

Data Types

  • Single-cell assays, flow cytometry and scRNA-Seq
  • Proteomics
  • Batched data analysis (time courses)
  • Clinical trials with SAS format
  • Gene expression
  • DNA methylation
  • Germline DNA variants
  • Somatic DNA mutations
  • Manufacturing yield and quality
  • High content screening

Data Integration

  • Integrate multiple omics datasets
  • Data evolution
  • Automatic deployment from data warehouses
  • Data processing pipelines
  • Deploy a data portal to empower a multi-site consortium
  • Develop with the API to power other software
  • R integration

Automated Process

  • Reproducibility
  • Collaboration
  • Annotation of genes and variants
  • Sharing analyses
  • Biomarker discovery
  • Target discovery
  • Gene expression signatures
  • Survival analysis
  • Translational research (bench-to-clinic)
  • Reverse translational research (clinic-to-bench)

“There is no piece of software that does what you do. If there was we would be using it.”

– Data Science Department Director
@Top 5 Global Pharmaceuticals Company

Find actionable results quickly with reproducible research

Producing a high-impact discovery in life sciences comes from connecting the right person with the right information. By allowing researchers to explore their data and ask iterative questions on their own, they can move quickly to find their breakthrough.

With, researchers can perform complex, robust, reproducible data analyses faster than ever before.

Powerful Analytics for Everyone

Empower staff at all levels to make informed decisions by using a powerful analytics tool to gain deep insights and make sense of the large amount of data.

Information and Innovation Officers

Consolidate tools, maximize ROI and keep your organization on the cutting edge by providing your scientists a powerful tool that allows them to be 1000x times more efficient.

Doctors and Domain Experts

Speed up drug discovery with the ability to run reproducible and configurable analysis on the fly. Contextualize your data better with gene, variant and pathway annotation as well as compare your findings to public datasets.

Data Scientists

Keep up with the demand by building easy-to-use analysis apps that empower your researchers to run and reproducible their analyses on their own.

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