Making data actionable across healthcare organizations.

Data Applications



Population Health

Value-based Care

“The ability to have this kind of on-demand information completely changes the culture.”

– Director of Value Improvement @UCSF Health

Deliver the highest quality of care for the lowest cost

Making sense of data from multiple healthcare systems comes from connecting the right person with the right information. Allowing doctors and domain experts to explore all of their data via easy-to-use apps enables the rapid identification of opportunities for improving care and reducing costs.

With, domain experts can explore and iterate on their own, dramatically reducing the time to actionable insight.

Powerful Analytics for Everyone

Empower staff at all levels to make better decisions by using the powerful platform to unlock the value of organization’s data.

Information and Innovation Officers

Leverage data to improve patient outcomes, assess value improvement initiatives, streamline operations, track organizational performance, and maximize ROI.

Doctors and Domain Experts

Quickly assess opportunities to improve outcomes and reduce costs, from individual patients through entire patient populations.

Data Scientists and Decision Support

Improve operational workflow and maximize the value of organizational data by quickly building easy-to-use analysis apps that empower domain experts and administrators.

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