A collaborative analysis platform for physicians, data scientists and analysts to get a holistic view of your organization’s care delivery. for healthcare - campus lisa webinar

A Clinical Data Mesh for Quality Improvement and Research in Healthcare

In this Campus LISA webinar, you will learn how you can utilize data mesh for healthcare. Panelists include: Mike Hogarth, Mark Mooney, and Tom Covington.

Data Applications icon - Providers


Physicians now have the ability to explore, evaluate and verify care delivery on their own terms in their own timeline. icon - payors


Payors have a single hub that links all healthcare facility data to better track, predict, and manage healthcare utilization. icon - population health

Population Health

Combine large-scale medical data in a flexible platform that links a variety of data sources and data types, from EHR to patient-generated health data. icon - value base care

Value-Based Care

Compare and evaluate the best treatment options to provide patients with the highest quality care at a reasonable cost.


Enabling doctors to provide instant answers

“Having on demand information completely changes the culture. I can’t imagine doing my job without the platform.”

Jahan Fahimi, MD, PhD,

Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine,

Director of Value Improvement at UCSF Health

Jahan Fahimi, MD, PhD,

Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine,

Director of Value Improvement at UCSF Health

Analysis Apps

Below are examples of analysis apps used in healthcare. New apps can be built and deployed in under an hour to provide analysis capabilities unique to your data. analysis app - Summary of Patients

Summary of Patients

Summarizes clinical and financial outcomes of specified patients. analysis app - Comparison of Patient Encounters

Comparison of Patient Encounters

Find the significant differences between a cohort of background encounters and a cohort of focus encounters. analysis app - Cost Overage

Cost Overage

Find MS-DRG cost overage relative to standard CMS costs per patient. analysis app - Drivers of ALOS Index

Drivers of ALOS Index

Find variables significantly correlated with the average length of stay (ALOS) for particular MS-DRGs.

Analysis Examples analysis - summary

Summary analysis - cohort comparison

Cohort Comparison analysis - cox survival, analysis - survival analysis

Cox Survival analysis - stratification

Stratification analysis - umap and clustering

UMAP & Clustering analysis - download subset of data

Download Subsets of Data

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“We are using to explore, confirm and evaluate care delivery using a variety of clinical, financial and operations data, including claims data generically.”

– Ralph Gonzales, MD, MSPH,
Associate Dean for Clinical Innovation,
Chief Innovation Officer Internist at UCSF Department of Medicine

Specialized Analytics for Everyone

Empower staff at all levels to confidently make data driven decisions with the use of guided, investigation-driven analysis apps tailored to their area of expertise.

Information and Innovation Officers

Consolidate tools, maximize ROI and keep your organization on the cutting edge by providing your scientists a powerful tool that allows them to be 1000x times more efficient.

Doctors and Domain Experts

Quickly assess opportunities to improve outcomes and reduce costs, from individual patients through entire patient populations.

Data Scientists and Decision Support

Improve operational workflow and maximize the value of organizational data by quickly building easy-to-use analysis apps that empower doctors and domain experts.

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