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How We Are Helping Right Now

Mike Hogarth, MD, FACMI, FACP

Clinical Professor,
Biomedical informatics at UCSD Health

Creating COVID-19 Registries for Research

In a collaborative research with Dr. Mike Hogarth, within two weeks we were able to set up the Translational Research Portal. The portal utilizes OMOP model pSCANNER data focused on COVID-19 population level data and the UC-wide CORDS dataset. This enables researchers to rapidly create cohorts and assess their correlation with severity of disease progression.Watch Webinar

Jahan Fahimi, MD, PhD,

Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine,
Director of Value Improvement at UCSF Health

COVID-19 Financial Recovery for Providers

As part of the ongoing project to improve healthcare value, Dr. Jahan Fahimi and UCSF are now using the platform to understand the impact of COVID-19 on the UCSF medical system and to accelerate the financial recovery from the crisis.

Ways we can help

Below are some examples on how we have used our platform in the fight against COVID-19. Even though your situation may be different, our solutions can be customized to meet your needs. We are uniquely positioned to integrate data from the macro to micro level. Contact us to learn more.

Providers LevelPatient Data LevelOmics Level

Providers level

Sample use cases

  • Resource management
    • Allocate your doctors and nurses efficiently
  • Population testing
    • All tested
    • Tested sub-group (healthcare workers, patients with symptoms, etc.)
    • Everyone who tested positive (RNA, serological test [antibodies])
    • Symptomatic or asymptomatic
    • Symptom severity
  • Symptom correlation
    • Severity correlated with medical history
  • Comorbidity risk score/profile
    • Based on correlation frequency
  • Prediction
    • Identify high risk patients, plan actionable steps, which leads to better resource management
  • Cost
    • Understand the cost of the COVID-19 crisis

Data format examples

  • Epic/Clarity EMR
  • EPSi
  • OMOP
  • Any form of tabular data

Patient data level

Sample use cases

  • Standard lab testing data
    • Standard vitals, metabolic testing, immune panel
  • Biorepository metadata
    • Patient identifier, tissue type, time, date, etc.
  • Molecular assessment
    • RNA, DNA, proteins, immune cells

Data format examples

  • OpenSpecimen
  • Any form of tabular data

Omics level

Sample use cases

  • Viral genome (what type of viruses the patient has)
    • Viral variant
    • Viral load
  • Human genome
    • Data type examples: gene expression, DNA mutation, methylation, cell identities, metabolic markers, from bulk tissues to single-cell
  • Immune reaction
    • Cytokine induction, cytokine release syndrome, flow cytometry, from bulk tissues to single-cell

Data format examples

  • VCF
  • Any form of tabular data

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